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What to do…?

Check out CookinFanatic’s holiday weekend so far, you know, just in case you just haven’t had enough of Thanksgiving already 😉

So what to do with all this leftover turkey from the holiday?!?!

Well first of all, don’t throw away those turkey bones!  I may have slightly startled The Man’s mom the other night when I excitedly requested to bring home the “turkey carcass” haha 😛

But trust me, this is well worth it.  It makes the most phenomenal stock which then turns into a most amazing soup!

I made my turkey stock the exact same way that I make my chicken stock:  onion, carrot, celery, thyme and parsley.

Into a stock pot topped with the turkey bones and enough water to cover.  Some salt & pepper too.

Then I let this cook over medium (at a low boil) for about 1.5 hours, covered, stirring occasionally.

The final product is a piping hot bowl (or two) of delicious!

The next step for this stock was to become a turkey soup!  I was craving macaroni noodles (random?) so I knew that this soup just had to have them 😛

Mirepoix (pronounced meer-pwah):  onion, celery, carrot.

If you watch Emeril then I’m sure you’ve learned this term already! 

I added these veggies plus about 12 oz. of boxed chopped tomatoes into the hot stock and let them simmer for about half an hour until close to tender.

Once the veggies were ready I added in some leftover shredded turkey too.

The last step is to add the pasta – and if you have quirky cravings like me – then macaroni is your guy.

The cool part about this soup – the pasta cooks in the soup liquid and therefore soaks up all that delicious flavor too!

We served up some hearty portions of this soup..

And topped with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese…

I highly recommend doing this 😀

Some bread and butter on the side…

And you’ve got yourself a meal!

You see, turkey leftovers don’t have to be boringggggg 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some of this on the agenda for tonight

Along with setting up the Christmas tree!!!  Ahhh it’s that time of year again 😀

See ya’ll tomorrow, we’re having a little dinner get together with our “missing Thanksgiving guests” that I know you’ll enjoy!


Carrot PB dippin’

Hey hey friends… it’s Thursday…. hooray! 😛  *Sighhh* I can’t wait for the weekend, one of my besties that you have met before is coming to visit – and I told her she couldn’t visit unless she brought  she’s bringing her famous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting too!  JK guys, I am not that demanding 😉  These cupcakes are too die for, for realz.

Here’s a breakdown of the rest of last night.

The bad news: I never got around to opening up the crockpot o’ lurve

The good news: Reason being, I was having too good a time with catching up on all you fabulous peeps via google reader instead!

…. Oh yea, and watching the Yankees go down 😉 

I really want to use ol’ crockie this weekend however, so time to hop to it, sounds like I have a “hot” date tonight, get it? (nerd alert)

So I know The Man would probably love to know I am sharing this with the blogworld, but today was P90X “yoga day” and let’s just say that this morning I learned this:

The Man + P90X Yoga = 1 unhappy camper

After about 30 minutes he comes storming out of the room looking all disgruntled and proceeds on a 10 minute rant on how Tony (P90X guy) has lost his mind if he thinks that The Man would be able to fold into a pretzel shape and contort his body in ways not physically possible….  to his defense, the moves he was describing sound even more difficult than any yoga I have ever done 😦 

So The Man stated firmly that there will be no more P90X yoga.  Ever.   He will stretch instead — I, of course, was not going to accept this bad attitude and suggested that perhaps he replace Tony’s yoga craze with one of my favorite sessions on ExerciseTV that are more reasonable for a 6’4″ guy to do.  He rightfully obliged!!!  So him and Maura and Elise are going to meet soon, go honey! 🙂

I got his back yo.

Onto the eats, which today included some leftover pasta from last night


and salad – which I so artfully combined with goods from the work caf once again (I see a trend forming?)

2salad  salad

and my first try at this combo (trivia – which blog-ista does this?!)  Thanks Christie 😉


not too shabby.

After work tonight I hope to make it over to a new class my gym is offering – Bosu!!!  I’ve done a few kickboxing & other moves on this guy


but never a whole hour of exercise using it before, it is gonna be a toughie I think, but I’m ready for the challenge 😉

Tonight’s dinner is going to feature some of my most fave chicken sausages evah! 


Oh and btw, I had a friend already tell me they just tried these after seeing them on the bloggie & adored them – you know who you are 🙂 !!

Can’t wait to see everyone back for an evening nightcap recap!  Hey, it’s Thursday 😉