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Super Bowl Sundayyyyyy!

Superbowl Sunday.


Still can’t believe they won 🙂  And what an exciting game it was!?!?

Let’s just say it is a very happy day in this household haha.  Phew 😉

We watched the game with a few friends over at The Man’s parent’s house.  Everyone brought some food for game-time muching, here were my contributions.

Frank’s hot sauce was the theme!

Ummm think I bought enough?  Hahaha ridiculous, thank you grocery store for only having the “Honey I Blew Up the Kid” version left on this very Sunday 😛

Am I dating myself here?

After seeing these beauties on Andrea’s site just a few days ago, I knew I couldn’t resist much longer.  And how perfect are they to bring to a football party?!

A super flavorful yet healthy option – shhhh no one ever even knew 😉

After marinating 2 chicken breasts in Frank’s hot sauce, I pulled out Nanny’s old little slow cooker/warmer thing (not your conventional crockpot) and let these cook.

Seriously, you could have never set foot in a kitchen and this thing will produce 100% no fail results with chicken every. single. time.  Level 3 for 30 minutes and voila, moist and flavorful and ready for shredding.

After I shredded them up I added some more Frank’s and let the chicken stay in the warm slow cooker for another 30 minutes or so.

Then it was assembly time!

Nasoya egg roll wraps, cole slaw mix, shredded hot sauce chicken and bleu cheese crumbles.  How can you go wrong here?

Just like Andrea, I did a layer of cole slaw mix, a layer of shredded chicken topped off with a layer of crumbled bleu cheese.

Then attempted to fold them up according to her directions, making sure not to put too much filling in them so they didn’t explode! 🙂

A little dab of water sealed the deal and these were off into the oven.


Loved them.

To keep with the Frank’s hot sauce fiesta as well as use some of the 100,043 pierogi that we made during the holidays & stashed away in the freezer, I found this great idea online!

Simply mix together a bit of veg oil (1 tblsp) with some Frank’s hot sauce (1/2 cup), stir, then dip pierogi one by one to cover.

Layer on a baking sheet and cook for 20 minutes at 400F, flipping once or twice.

They puff up and get all crispy-like, glorious!

Both of these dishes should most definitely be served with bleu cheese dressing for dipping as well 😛

I must say that both of these dishes were a huge hit with me and the rest of the party too! 

The buffalo chicken rolls were perfectly crisp and the chicken filling with the warm, melted bleu cheese was so delicious paired with a cool, creamy dip into some bleu cheese dressing.

The pierogi really took on the spiciness of the hot sauce which was mouth-watering combined with the cheesy, onion mashed potato filling.

Drool worthy!

Now my sleep-deprived self (6:22am wakeup, really body, really? after a 12am bedtime? whyyyyy haha) must get on with life and head to work…

Hoping this day goes by fast so I can come home to a crockpot treat and some Bachelor drama 😛

Oh yea, and only 7 more days from today until the big secret reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like a kid before Christmas.


Can You Really Go Wrong?


Ahh it was glorious to wake up this morning without a fever à la last Saturday 😛

Plus I’m really looking forward to today since I’m going shopping and to lunch with Fanatic Mom! 

Girls day.  Gotta love it.

But let’s back track for a minute to last night shall we?

Dinner was a pretty phenomenal throw together meal I must say.

Have you ever seen the fresh, homemade sausages at Whole Foods?

How about the Buffalo chicken sausages stuffed w/ bleu cheese?

If you are like The Man and will devour anything referred to as “Buffalo ____” then I highly suggest you go buy these.  Now.

They were so good!!!!!  The bleu cheese flavor really shined through and since they were made from chicken, they weren’t greasy in the least.

Now what goes better with Buffalo chicken sausages than homemade pierogi?!

That lil’ Christmas-time pierogi making adventure left me with a freezer full of these leftover treats.

Time to start working on depleting that stash!

A lil’ butter for the pierogi.

A lil’ butter for the chopped onion.

3 tablespoons of butter later… 😉

But I mean seriously, can you really go wrong here? 

Cheesy potatoes, golden dough, buttery onions… *sigh*

Served up with some steamed broccoli on the side, this was a fabulous Friday night meal.

Times 2. 


And I may or may not have been witness to a certain someone dipping the Buffalo sausages into the buttery onion bowl.  Really?

Oh men 😉

After dinner The Man and I watched the movie The Fourth Kind, which is based on actual events about alien abduction in a small town in Alaska.

Go to fullsize image

The movie contained actual video footage which made it super creepy!  Let’s just say I was definitely spooked by this one, but would recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something different.

Alright, I’m off! 

A quick yoga session is in my future before I meet up with mom 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday!

Christmas Eve Traditions


From the Fanatic family to yours 🙂

Christmas Eve has always been a big celebration in our house.

Perhaps because we’re Polish and Wigilia (Christmas Eve dinner) is traditionally quite the celebration full of delicious food and drinks!

Told you I’d be making these lil’ suckers again 😀

The Christmas Eve dinner (Wigilia) has either twelve or an odd number of courses served.  This is also a no-meat event.

Our family’s Wigilia consists of seven dishes, featuring many different types of seafood.

This year’s meal mixed in some traditional dishes along with some welcomed new-comers.

Tradition:  Nanny’s Sauerkraut & Noodles

Seriously so easy.  Seriously so good.

Butter, onion, sauerkraut, noodles all seasoned with a good crack of black pepper.

Tradition:  Homemade Pierogi topped w/ Butter & Green Onions

I think we all remember this little adventure 😉

Lots of green onions, so necessary.

As is the stick of butter.  I mean it is the holidays after all 😛

Drizzled on top of the pierogi, definitely necessary.

Newbie:  Clam Stuffed Mushrooms

Got this recipe from an old-school Church cookbook from the area in PA that my family comes from.

The best thing about old school cookbooks is their lack of precision.  A lil’ of this, lil’ of that.  Make it your own, totally my style!

Clams, onions, garlic, mushrooms, bread crumbs, Italian cheese and butter. 

Stuffed into mushroom caps.

And baked until golden.

These were one of the biggest hits of the night!

Newbie:  Cream Baked Fish

Got this recipe idea from this website.

My version included grouper, cooked for a few minutes stove top (season with salt & lemon juice) then covered in sauted onions and baked.

The onions were cooked in the same pan as the fish had been – picking up all those flavor bits.

A sour cream based sauce gets pulled together in the same pan – milk, flour, lemon, salt, pepper and sour cream – then drizzled on the fish and baked for a few minutes longer.

Once again, measurements unknown, but it definitely turned out delicious!  I’ll be making this one again if I can remember what the heck amounts of ingredients went in it haha.

Tradition:  Spiced shrimp

Can’t remember a Christmas Eve dinner without ’em 🙂

Add in the fruit compote (spiced with cinnamon and cloves, so good!) and a side salad (unpictured) and there you have it.

Seven delicious courses.  Mmmmm mmmmm.

This is definitely one of my favorite meals of the year 😀

After the delicious dinner, there was lots of present opening!  We do our gifts with my fam on Christmas Eve, no complaints here 😉


Tortilla Press!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmm totally normal?

It was a fabulous night.  Christmas Eve may be my favorite night of the year.  Having our family together and carrying on these traditions is so special and just so fun 😀

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


From scratch…

Every Christmas Eve since I was a little girl I can remember having pierogi as part of Wigilia, our Christmas Eve dinner.

When my Nanny was still with us, I can remember her making these from scratch each year.

And until I took my first try at them last holiday season, I never realized that these would be one of the most difficult tasks I have ever tried to tackle in the kitchen!

You have to get everything just right… and my Nanny knew just how to do it.  But me, I’m still learning 😀

So today the Fanatic ladies spent the afternoon in the kitchen carrying on the tradition, making pierogi, from scratch. 

Well not this lil’ fanatic lady, although she sure did try 😉

Fanatic Mom and her two girls.  I know Nanny would be proud.

Potato & Cheese Pierogi

First step is to make the dough.  This dough is more temperamental than me on a Monday.  Just sayin’

Flour, milk, eggs and salt. 

This year I actually followed the directions and sifted the flour.  I’m attributing that to the increased quality of the final dough product.

Along with this fabulous kitchen tool.  The pasta roller.  Love this thing and it made rolling the dough thin enough possible without me breaking my back, a la last year.

For the most part 😀

Next step, make the filling.  This would be a mixture of potatoes, sharp cheddar and onions sauted in butter.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.  I think we can all agree on that.

After your dough is rolled thin, cut out circles using the top of a drinking glass.  No need to get too fancy here.

Drop a spoonful of the potato mixture on top.

Then seal, using a fork if you like. 

Let’s just say that Mini-Fanatic got reallyyyyyyyy good at this step 😉

Last step is to boil in hot water.  For about 5 minutes.  This gets them ready to be stashed away in the freezer until Christmas Eve arrives.

Which is where they are now, whispering to me “come eat me, come eat me”…

Because that’s just so totally normal.

I can’t wait until Friday is here, toasted up in some warm butter and drenched in green onions, these are going to be outta this world delicious!

Just you wait and see 😉

There was also some Sunday night family dinner cooking  action going on during the day… which you’ll see soon enough.  But until then, here’s a little hint!

Oh yeaaaaa.

Plans for the upcoming week include one day of work.  One day.  Monday has never looked so sweet 😉 

Then lots of baking, cooking, hanging out with family and relaxing.  Love the holidays!

Have you ever eaten pierogi?

The New & The Old

Last night we had the family over for a Sunday night dinner.

I took this as an opportunity to experiment both with some of the “new” and also still stick with some of the “old”…

The “New”

Cherry Swiss Pizzettes 

I was in the mood to experiment on a pre-dinner treat and after a swing through Trader Joe’s this weekend, left with an idea of a sweet + savory play on flavors.

Cherries & Baby Swiss. 

Who’d-a-thought these two could be such good friends? 😀

Pre-made TJ’s pizza dough, our new bff apparently.

Rolled out then cut into rounds using the top of a wine glass.

We like to keep things classy around here 😉 

Onto a baking pan that has rubbed with butter (this is key, DON’T skip this part! it adds a necessary layer of flavor :)) then topped with a small chunk of baby swiss plus a dallop of cherry preserves – a cherry for each!

Into a 350F oven for 10 minutes until the cheese is melted & the dough is cooked.

The first round turned out great, but the cherry preserves got a lil’ sticky. 

Second time around I melted the cheese first for about 7 minutes then topped with the cherry preserves in the last 3 minutes of cooking.

Ya live & ya learn 😛 

Buttery dough.

Savory swiss.

Sweet cherries.

Party is STARTED.  These were a hit all around!

Trust that you’ll be seeing these bad boys again veryyyyy soon 😀

I also set out a mix of dried cranberries, peanuts & chocolate chips. 

Munchies keep the men happy (and quiet 😉 ) while they are watchin’ their Sunday football.. at least in my experience!  Just sayin’.

The “Old”

Polish Cabbage Rolls & Pierogi w/ Green Onion Butter

The main event.

I hadn’t made my Nanny’s piggies, aka pigs-n-a-blanket, aka cabbage rolls in soooo long that I knew it was time.  Same recipe as last go-round (see here) except doubled so we’d have enough for our guests of course 🙂

Polish. Comfort. Food.

Onion, garlic, rice & beef all wrapped in a cabbage bundle then draped in a sweet & tangy tomato/vinegar sauce…

Ahhh I feel like I’m in my Nanny’s kitchen all over again.

To go with our cabbage rolls there were some short-cut pierogi.

I’ve taken my turn at the home-made version (and will be doing so again this holiday!) but tonight I turned to my favorite frozen brand for convenience sake.

First boiled then “fried” in a bit of butter until browned & crispy.

Here comes the heart-healthy section of our broadcast tonight 😉

Yep, that would be green onions + butter.  Served as a sauce atop the pierogi, just like my Nanny did it.

I’m convinced that this combination could potentially heal the world.  It’s so freaking good.  Just sayin’

To sip on there was some mulled apple juice spiked with spiced rum…

Lovin’ this drink this holiday season 😀

And remember the red velvet cake balls from last weekend? 

Well FYI, these freeze beautifully (sans chocolate coating) and were perfect to pull out of the freezer and pop in some melted chocolate for dessert. 

Just as good as the first time around 🙂

Sunday dinner with the fam – always a great time for winding down the weekend and spending some quality time together!

With delicious food like this, who wouldn’t want to get ready for the week ahead this way… 🙂

And speaking of the week ahead, check out what lil’ surprise I woke up to this morning?!

Weather man forecasted a zero percent chance of precipitation or something like that.  Looks like he was definitely right-on with that one?

Totally thought I was still dreaming when I looked outside…

And since I’m petrified of driving in the wintery weather after my accident last year, The Man was kind enough to save the day and drive me to work today!  Yea yea yea, I’m such a Southerner, I know I know… 😛

Happy unexpected snowy day!

Love in a saucepan

Hello hello friends!  Well we are officially in the final stretch of the week… only 2 days left and then it’s sweet sweet weekend freedom 🙂  Ahhhh I can’t complain though, I really don’t mind my job and work with some pretty great peeps!

Anywho, after work today since it was my “day off” exercise and the such, I decided to stop off at none other than Tom Leonards after work.  Their meat selection is just so fresh and their fruits/veggies top notch… not to mention the massive gourmet cheese selection too! (do I work for TL marketing, sheesh, haha?!)

I ended up making friends with the “meat guy” (that just sounds weird haha) who gave me a great idea for cooking the huge, gorgeous Delmonico steaks I picked up, which had just been freshly cut and only cost $7 total! 

There was also a bleu cheese chunk purchased (ummm this puts crumbled bleu cheese from the grocery store to shame and cost a slim $3.40 – yes please!) which I enjoyed with a fresh pear after work…

…and some Chardonnay too of course 😉  The rest of this fabulous cheese has a date with the Delmonico’s tomorrow night, so pumped, sometimes my body just really craves iron/red meat and I think that’s where it’s at!

Dinner plans were goin’ with the frugal theme and using up some items we had in the freezer, Polish style!

  • Apple chicken sausages w/ sauerkraut/cabbage/onions
  • Pierogi w/ onion butter

I was also itchin’ to try the new mandolin from the fanatic fam…  you knew it was only a matter of time 😛

So, want to know how long it took me to cut up this onion?

4.36 seconds FLAT.  Holy chop-oley I’m in lurveeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I used some of these onions to whip up a quick sauerkraut dish – which we had leftover from the Christmas Eve dinner and which freezes beautifully fyi!

  • 1 tblsp butter
  • 3/4 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/2 package sauerkraut
  • 1/2 cup sliced cabbage
  • black pepper

Saute onions in butter for a few minutes, add pepper.  Then add in sauerkraut (mine was frozen), cover til warmed through.  Also throw in some sliced steamed cabbage leaves (microwave in some water for a few minutes to quick steam) for a lil’ extra umph if ya want!

Keeping on the Christmas Eve freezer stash, I cooked up the last of our homemade pierogi using some cooking spray to go with… I need to make a new stash soon!

And served with some more of the super-fast-snappy-quick fire-chopped onions melted into 2 tblsp butter (apparently there is a butter theme tonight? ah well, moderation, we rarely use the stuff 🙂 )

Oh yes, if there was ever ‘love in a saucepan’…. this is it 😛

We also had some TJs Apple Chicken Sausages that I sliced in half and seared up using cooking spray – these are probably my fave flava from Mr. TJoe’s!

It was gettin’ pretty busy in the fanatic kitchen tonight! 

Nah, just playin’ friends, this was seriously such a fast and easy dinner – 4o minutes from start to finish…?

Got a lil’ crazy with the sauerkraut there 😉 however this meal was a delicious way to incorporate something fun into the week’s menu.  I loved the combo of the sauerkraut with the sweet apple sausage, perfect compliments to each other!

Well friends, I’m off to watch some tv with The Man and call it an early night, I am t-i-r-e-d tonight!  See you tomorrow (for Delmonico night in our house!) and enjoy the rest of your nights 🙂

Cruise inspired dinner from the sea :)

Day 2 of first full week back to work – check!  And it was a lovely, productive day I must say 🙂  Felt great (not as great as gettin’ my tan on though mwhaha)

But we don’t want to talk about work here now do we?  Yea, thought so 😉

How about we talk about ohhh food instead?!  Now that’s more like it…..!

On the menu tonight was round 3 with Mrs. Cooking Light “bible” and also a seafood inspired meal in the spirit of our recent cruise (not that a certain someone has been thinking all day that ‘last week at this time I was laying by the pool, sipping a mojito, not working, etc’… nope a certain someone sure didn’t do that…)

  • Cornmeal Crusted Tilapia
  • Homemade Pierogi w/ Onion Butter
  • Veggie Blend

First up, the fish.  A mix for dipping was made out of these guys:

  • corn meal
  • flour
  • egg
  • water
  • salt
  • chili powder
  • olive oil
  • tilapia filets

Mix together the corn meal, flour, salt and chili powder in a bowl.  Also mix the egg and a spoonful of water in another bowl.  Sprinkle the fish with some more salt and chili powder and get ready to dunk!


Egg wash, flour mixture then into a hot pan coated with a tblsp of olive oil – flippin’ half way through until done and a nice crust has formed around the fish just like so… 😛


We also had some homemade pierogi from the Christmas Eve dinner that I had frozen (I made like 100 and there was no way all that hard work was goin’ to waste haha) – I figured they would be a great accompaniment to the tilapia.  Of course some green onion butter was in order for a topping as well.  Moderation, right…. 😉



Plus some veggies to round things out 🙂  Ahhh a delicious meal on the table in mere minutes!

Check out how moist and yummy the fish turned out, oooo lala!

Cooking Light wins again!  This recipe was so fresh and deelish, definite easy weeknight meal and pretty darn tasty at that 🙂

Alright friends, The Man and I have a movie date tonight in front of the fire so I gots to run!  But before I go, remember that you have ’til Friday to enter to win the giveaway & get yo’ exercise-on courtesy of the fabulous:


So give it a shot, can’t wait to hear from ya 😉

Have a lovely night my friends!