Mexican BBQ Sauce

Anddddd the Mexican flavor adventure continues…

I’m definitely going through a phase… ya think?

Oh well, it’s a phase that I could get used to that’s for sure 😉

At least until we get closer to Thanksgiving, when more traditional turkey day foods will soon again reappear!

But that is not today.  No friends.

Today we have these flavors:

Chili Guajillo, Chile Pasilla, Cloves, Onion & Garlic

The trip to the local Latino market left me with enough dried peppers for the next year… or month, we’ll see how it goes 😉

I used the guajillo and pasilla to make a version of Diana Kennedy’s Barbecue Sauce

Soaking the chiles in hot water for about 20 minutes…. well actually it turned into closer to 40 because I got completely side tracked talking to the Sears dishwasher repairman that was at our house at the time.  He was from Puerto Rico and a chef for 15 years, so talk of plaintains, pigeon peas, beans and rice got me a little off track!  I learned so many fun authentic recipes (plus something to do with the chile arbol!) and got some great restaurant recommendations around town too 🙂  Best dishwashing repairman visit ever, the end.

Okay back to the sauce, here’s the finished product once blended.

Which I whipped up on Saturday afternoon and stashed away for this start-of-the-week meal.  Nothing like homemade fresh flavors with no work after a long day at the office!

But you’ll have to stay tuned for tonight’s adventure in the kitchen to see the final recipe & meal!



5 responses to “Mexican BBQ Sauce

  1. YUM! You could use this in so many dishes- enjoy. I would put this in some quesadillas

  2. Try roasting them slightly over charcoal.. you’ll get a whole different flavor.

  3. Back in Texas, I’d stuff a turkey with home-made tamales and rub the outside with mole poblano.. then roast it.

    Patricia Quintana writes good Mexican cookbooks, too.

    Pity this is out of print.

  4. You crack me up. You are definitely going through a phase, but I love it! Your creations are always so drool worthy lady. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

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